MCPI provides complete conference planning services. From planning to promotion to the main event, we will oversee every facet of your meeting. Our attention to every detail assures your meeting will be a success.

Site Selection and Contract Negotiation

MCPI assists in the identification of potential venues that will fulfill meeting requirements. We give consideration to the adequacy of meeting space, quality and amenities of the venue, sleeping room pattern, catering requirements, convenience of travel, and cost. Prior to executing a final contract, we perform site inspections at the top venues to ensure that they meet all program requirements.

MCPI is skilled at contract negotiations. We understand real market values versus first quotation pricing. We ensure that the most value for the dollar is being received without jeopardizing service. We also ensure that all of the common, and not so common, contract elements that are in the best ­interests of meeting requirements and attendees are in place.

Record Keeping

We maintain a complete record of all agreements, contracts, emails and other specifications discussed and agreed to in the organization of the meeting. We maintain detailed financial records regarding all aspects of each meeting. MCPI’s computer system archives all of the above documentation to an off-site back-up system daily.

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Administrative Management

MCPI functions as the central office for all aspects of the meetings. We can provide the primary location for most correspondence including postal address, phone, fax and email. We assume responsibility to respond to all inquiries from attendees, exhibitors, commercial supporters, vendors or others, as needed.

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Meeting Committee Participation

As “Operations Central,” MCPI’s staff participates as appropriate with all meeting-related committees. We ensure that the relevant committees are kept current with all aspects of the planning and financial details of the meeting. We organize and participate in conference calls as required throughout the planning of the meeting. When required, MCPI is also available to meet, in person, for committee meetings.

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Registration Services

  • MCPI manages all pre-meeting and on-site registration services through an online system. Registration services include:
    • Confirmations
    • Payment receipts
    • Proof of attendance
    • Visa letters for international travel

MCPI utilizes a specialized meeting planning software system, which provides detailed records of each individual registrant and functions as the overall database for meeting registration. Multiple fee categories are tracked as well as ­segregation of physicians, guests, corporate representatives, and any other necessary designations. We are able to provide a variety of status reports relating to registration at any point in time.

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Vendor Coordination and Management

MCPI has met a vast array of challenges in planning, managing and executing a meeting. We understand the importance of amassing high quality vendors that will contribute to the meeting’s success.

  • MCPI coordinates and manages outside vendors including, but not limited to:
    • Audio-visual
    • Customs services
    • DMC services
    • Entertainment
    • Facilities
    • Food and beverage
    • Graphic design
    • Medical editing/writing
    • Photography
    • Printing
    • Security
    • Staffing agencies
    • Tradeshow
    • Translation services
    • Transportation
    • VAT consultants

Where appropriate, MCPI obtains multiple bids and provides recommendations to the client prior to contracting with any vendor.

MCPI has developed long-term relationships with several key vendors including: independent show producer and technical director; graphic designers and web ­developer. Our independent show producer and technical director manage every technical element of the meetings. They have an extensive network of audio-visual staging companies and top technicians. They ensure that the right equipment and labor are ordered for the event’s requirements, and then manage the entire production throughout the meeting.

Our graphic designers have a long history of working with the medical field.
They have clients in private practice, hospital-based services, associations and have produced materials for many medical meetings. From promotion to web presence to bold and inviting meeting materials, they develop coordinated graphic programs dedicated to enriching the meeting experience.

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Venue Management

  • MCPI provides the following services:
    • Coordinate and manage all aspects of meeting and convention space requirements
    • Continually manage the usage of the sleeping room block and monitor the calendar for attrition and cancellation thresholds
    • Mediate participant and exhibitor needs required from the facility
    • Provide food and beverage vendors with up-to-date estimates of anticipated ­attendance for each function
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Educational Program

  • MCPI manages all aspects of the educational program including:
    • Abstract collection, editing, and formatting
    • Notification to presenters of acceptance or rejection
    • Liaison with the CME provider to ensure compliance with ACCME guidelines
    • Coordination with speakers
    • Floor plan design for scientific poster display
    • Coordination of live surgery
    • Production of PowerPoint title slides and meeting-related events and announcements to enhance overall visual image
    • Production of meeting program book and other educational materials
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Online Services and Social Media

  • MCPI creates customized websites, apps and Facebook profiles to facilitate:
    • Abstract collection
    • Meeting registration
    • Hotel reservations
    • Publicity of meeting details
    • And other elements as required
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Exhibitor and Commercial Supporter Management

  • MCPI manages all aspects involving exhibitors and commercial supporters:
    • Assist with establishing levels of support
    • Design and distribute exhibitor prospectus
    • Secure exhibitors and commercial supporters
    • Collect fees and manage all pre- and post-conference communication with ­designated company contact
    • Complete grant applications and post-meeting reconciliations
    • Evaluate proposals and negotiate contracts with tradeshow vendors
    • Develop ideas for promotional items to best showcase the meeting and its industry supporters
    • Create exhibition hall guide

MCPI’s strong relationships with medical and surgical device manufacturers and the pharmaceutical industry, enable us to consistently obtain significant commercial support. In the last several years, our direct efforts have raised over $8 million in support for our clients.

Our commercial supporters speak highly of our efficiency, attention to detail, ­understanding of logistics, and high degree of professionalism. Year after year, they tell us that sup­porting an MCPI-planned meeting gives them a greater return on their investment.

We have extensive experience in the design and management of exhibition space. Throughout the planning process and on-site, we coordinate and oversee all aspects of the exhibit hall. We manage the process from the actual construction of an exhibit hall, to arranging for shipping and receiving, electrical power, security and cleaning services, and all of the other “nuts and bolts” services involved in the seamless ­execution of a medical trade show.

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Financial Management and Reporting

MCPI maintains a complete set of records regarding the financial aspects of each meeting. We prepare and continually update the budgets to reflect the ­anticipated revenue from registration fees as well as from exhibitors and commercial supporters. Contractual expenses and estimates are incorporated into the budgeting process as appropriate.

Invoices are reviewed and approved for payment. MCPI maintains a record of all expenses paid relating to the meetings, whether paid by MCPI or directly by the client. MCPI provides periodic financial reports, as required, throughout the planning and execution of the meetings.

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Marketing, Branding and Promotion

  • MCPI promotes conferences in a variety of ways, including:
    • Creating effective branding strategy through logo development, brochures, ­advertisements, signage, etc.
    • Securing mailing lists and coordinating mailings
    • Advertising
    • Creating an online presence
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Social Programs

  • Social events play an integral role in the overall success of a medical meeting. MCPI is skilled in planning memorable social events and guest tours on any budget. These include:
    • Welcome receptions
    • Faculty dinners
    • Gala dinners
    • Sporting events
    • Team building events
    • City tours
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On-Site Meeting Coordination

  • MCPI oversees all aspects of on-site meeting management:
    • Arrive at venue in advance of meeting to ensure arrangements are secured
    • Coordinate conference staff
    • Set up and manage registration
    • Supervise exhibit hall
    • Manage vendors
    • Coordinate food and beverage
    • Ensure all lodging requirements are met
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Post Meeting Services

MCPI ships all remaining meeting materials to a designated location, completes a post-meeting venue and vendor evaluation. We review vendor invoices for accuracy and submit for payment. Upon request, we conduct a post-meeting survey of ­attendees. MCPI also provides recommendations for future meetings.

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